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Jackie's Angel Dove Release

We serve a wide area centered around the I-5 corridor of Washington State. This includes Bremerton, Tacoma, Fort Lewis, White Center, Arlington, Seattle, West Seattle, Tumwater, Ballard, Olympia, Vancouver Wa, and surrounding areas. Give us a call to see if your area is included.

Jackie and Monte Summers

From very near the beginning of time White Doves have been a symbol of peace, new beginnings, beauty, innocence, fidelity, and love. White Doves have been dove release basketskept and protected in temples and palaces around the world.

Angel Doves provide professional white dove releases for much of the I-5 corridor of western Washington. If you are looking for a release out of our area, try these helpful sites: *WDD* and **.

Jackie's Angel Dove Release uses only trained white doves which are used for special ceremonies. Release doves are often used to commemorate important milestones of life and offerings of hope at weddings and birthdays, and as representing the soul's final journey at funeral. We also do dove releases for the Fallen Hero's of Fort Lewis. Click or Tap Here to view a few of our customer testomonials.

We at Jackie's Angel Dove Release take great pride in presenting professional dove releases for almost any general with dove release displayoccasion. Our release baskets are tastefully decorated with silk flowers and greens. But if you prefer, you or your florist may create your own embellishments. We have a great selection of release equipment to choose from, including our remote release basket which can help create a surprise release. What fun!

The Doves

Although we have no control over how our doves behave once released, typically they will circle above waiting for all thier members to regroup and to get their bearings. The birds then wedding dove releasehead for home and the safety of their loft. Watching these pure white birds soaring overhead can be quite breathtaking.

Angel Dove Release will work with you to help create a white dove release which will stay in your memory... forever.

*Click Here* to view some of the different attention our doves have received.

Please, never consider using the smaller white doves sometimes found in pet stores. They have almost no homing instincts, and no loft to go home to. They will usually perish if released. For more information on the types of doves, *Click here for Dove Release Facts*

Jackie and Monte Summers

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Balloons are sometimes used for special occasions. We do strongly discourage them as even using biodegradable latex balloons they can take five years to degrade. True, they are beautiful to watch as they are carried away by the slightest breezes... but what then? They turn into litter. Balloons and their string or ribbons can entangle, or be ingested, by both pets and wildlife causing needless suffering and death. *Click here for more information*